Be well rested before getting behind the wheel.
The Partnership for Safe Driving prevents car crashes

Use your turn signals to alert other drivers of what you are doing. Helping other drivers to be more aware puts you in a safer position.

Obey the road signs, they are there for a reason! Stop completely at stop signs, and obey the speed limits posted. If you are speeding, you have less time to react if you are put into a dangerous situation. Don’t run yellow or red lights; even if it looks clear and safe it could potentially be risky.

Be well rested before getting behind the wheel.
Using these tips, training from Highway to Safe Driving, and good common sense, you’ll be much more likely to avoid accidents or dangerous situations. Keep your eyes open and drive defensively.
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Arizona Defensive Driving School

A little bit of awareness can go a long way. Do not pass a school bus with stop arm extended and red lights flashing. Drive to the right side of the road and stop for all emergency vehicles!

Under no circumstances should you text while you are driving!

It takes up too much concentration and is one of the more perilous activities you can do while operating a vehicle.

Don’t drive like you own the road Be well rested before getting behind the wheel. Expert driving training